Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney practicing throughout the State of Arizona

Mark J. Andersen, Attorney at Law has prosecuted and represented people who have been accused of homicide, major felonies, general felonies, misdemeanors,  as a criminal defense attorney in the justice, city (Municipal) Superior and Federal Courts.  This includes all types of DUI’s, Domestic Violence Allegations, Theft, Fraud Schemes, Forgery, Theft of Means, Aggravated Assault, Non Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage, Disorderly Conduct, violent and non-violent offenses, Prostitution, Sexual Offenses, Sexual Exploitation, drug possession, sale and transport of narcotics, dangerous drugs and marijuana.

Mark J. Andersen has been practicing criminal law in Arizona for over 16 years; eight as a prosecutor and eight representing the accused.
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Arizona Criminal Defense